Costa Maya Plans

Costa Maya is the third stop on this cruise. It lies on the Mexican Yucatan Coast. Cruise comments indicate there is not much around this barren region. Maps show a road somewhat inland along the coast. It goes past a village of Majahuel about three miles south. We’ll head that way.  There appear to be both paved and beach roads both to the north and to the south.  We’ll visit the beach roads to see if they are navigable by bike and revert to the paved roads if we decide they are  not.  The Mayan ruins of Xcalek are 20 miles south. I don’t know whether we can make that distance at our present level of training, but we may head off to see how far we can get in time to return to the ship within six hours. Some folks speak of a hotel on the way and we may try lunch there. I hear the stuffed pineapple is good. The beaches may be pretty and good for diving. Neither Marilyn nor I are much into diving, but we may get wet and enjoy a day on the beach. I don’t think we have many choices for this port visit unless we want to take a bus or taxi.

I notice a monkey reserve lies at Uyumil Che within five miles to the north.  We may try to get there too.  And there seem to be several archeological Mayan sites around here.  They lie at Chacchoben and Limones to the northwest and Xcabasl around the bay due west.  I don’t think we can reach any of them without a bus or taxi.  The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve  also lies to the north just outside our reach for this trip.


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