Montivideo Uruguay Plans 29 Mar 2010

Montevideo Plans
Route map

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and lies 100 miles from Buenos Aires across the bay of the La Plata River which is common to both cities. The city of 3 million persons is smaller than Buenos Aires but significantly less populous. See the Wikipedia entry here Cyclists have written here talking about rides centering on Montevideo. A description of the cruise port is here. Another good description of the city is found here. Based upon what I’ve found, I’ve planned the following trip along La Ramba, the shoreside road which stretches for 12 miles or more along the coast to the south and west.

Montevideo food specialties include Parillas, or grills, similar to the ones found in Buenos Aires. The country is also known for Mate, a tea like drink brewed from a local root and rumored to provide energy. We sill seek a Mate stand along La Rambia. We will look for a good Chivito sandwich, the local specialty filled with grilled meat, tomatoes, and onions, and follow it up with dessert at one of the famous pastry shops. I hear the caramels are prevalent and tasty.


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