Ushuaia Plans, 4 Apr 2010

Ushuaia lies ahead as we near Cape Horn. We celebrated the occasion as we entered the area where the Atlantic, Pacific, and Antarctic Oceans meet. One the way here, we could occasionally spy the mountains of Argentina. The weather is definitely turning cold. Expected temperatures around Ushuaia are expected to be around 45 degrees F. As such, we will again have to decide whether to ride wearing our heavy coats or to walk or use taxis to see the area. For now, I will assume we ride.

The ship will tie up at the pier at 7am, but will be leaving again early in the afternoon (2pm) in order to be able to get to the glaciers nearby in daytime (530pm). Since we do not want to wake up early, we plan to get up in time to leave the ship about 9 or 930am. Thus we will have four hours to get around prior to all aboard time of 130pm.

We plan to ride the route hugging the coast of the Beagle channel to the east. I believe this route is relatively flat and we will pass through some industrial sections around the harbor along with the fishing boat tieups. We should also see some of the residential areas to the east in the valleys between the hills or mountains. We plan to go as far as we can go in order to still get back to the ship in time, about 1.5-2 hours. At our travel rate of 6-10 mph, we can probably get 10-20 miles east. We will be looking for birds and sealife such as sea lions and whales out in the channel.

On our way back we plan to stop at a café with wifi for coffee and to make some calls to family over the Skype system. It is Easter Sunday, however, and we may find many places closed. Our culinary choices may also be limited because we are still in the Passover season. No cake or bread or other grain products. Oh well.


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