Welcome to Bicycle Cruising. Bob and Marilyn Landis are avid bicyclists who combine the joys of cycling and cruising.   At the same time, they are very much like you, the readers.  Though fit, they fall closer to the average Joe than a triathlon athlete.  Soon to be retired, the Landis’ provide their plans for bicycling about various cruise ports so you can use them to make your own plans.  They also report on their cycling adventures with each port visit, commenting on the good and the bad about the various visit sites, suggesting places to have meals as well as novel foods to try.  They discuss the challenges associated with bringing bicycles on cruise ships, and the efforts they make in organizing port visits. The planning includes mapping routes throughout each port, marking good and bad roads for cyclists and identifying reachable sites like museums, historical and architecturally unique areas, markets, vineyards and farms, special shopping areas and any unique products of the area.  After the visit the Landis’ summarize and assess their visit.  In some cases, they will visit the port several times and in most cases they will draw upon the wisdom of cyclists from the area and those who have bicycled the region before them.  The reader is given both a vicarious visit to each port, and useful details for readers to prepare their own trips.  You may use the exact routes of up to fifty miles in a day identified here or prepare your own tours. BicycleCruising.com


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  1. Jan Wilder

    Sounds like a great idea. We usually do a lot of walking on cruises to get rid of a small portion of the extra calories consumed. Typically, we’re up early and walk, on the walking track, for at least an hour to an hour and a half, to burn up at least some of the buffets. Also, to burn calories, we do alot of walking up and down steps. I understand that there are elevators on these cruise ships (LOL), but in 15 years and about 20 cruises, I’ve only been on them twice. But I never thought of taking bikes on board. Bikes sounds like a great idea.
    When I’m on a cruise, I’m not going to deny myself anything. The food is too god and plentiful to pass up. That’s why I’m there. Keep up posting where you bike at each port. Sound like a great way to get around some of the ports.

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